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Weekly Update: CQMA, I-70 Race (5/10-5/16)

Weekly Update (5/10-5/16)
Belleville, IL (5/13/2021) With the experience of the First Leg of the Monza behind the drivers of California, the POWRi QMRA tracks are all gearing up for a month of racing before the Second Leg of the POWRi QMRA California Monza Series at Orange Show Quarter Midget Racing Association on June 11-13. Pre-registration is now open for Round Two of the Monza Circuit by going to the OSQMRA website under the Schedule Tab. Points and Results for the First Leg of the California Monza Series is available on the California Monza Facebook page.

Capitol Quarter Midget Association
Double Decker Header
After a successful completion of the First Leg of the POWRi California Monza Series, the Rio Linda dirt track is looking forward to back-to-back race days this weekend. With a strong field of drivers already pre-registered, those looking to sling mud this weekend can find the sign-up sheets on the Capitol Facebook page.

Tri-Valley Quarter Midget Association
Club Race #3
Bringing in yet another impressive field of young talented drivers, Tri-Valley Quarter Midget Association has showcased the Lively Livermore Facility to be another stomping ground for future legends. Young drivers such as the 07 of Benji Smith out of Danville, CA swept the day and drove up from a fifth place starting position in his feature race to a victory and a 15-point lead over the Jr. Honda class for the 2021 POWRi TVQMA Championship. Anthony Ventura of Richmond, CA fought back from a 3rd place qualifying run in the Sr. Honda division to secure a Heat Race and Feature Event victory to take the points lead by only ten points over Jenna Screeton of Oakdale, CA who finished third for the day. Lt. 160 saw the points battle close in as Jacob Ryan of Livermore, CA fell to 11 points behind Matthew Linde of Pittsburg, CA who swept the day in his #33 machine. Jacob Ryan kept the Lt. World Formula points running tight as well with a Feature Victory over Matthew Linde. Although he is still ten points behind Linde, Jacob Ryan can attempt a run for the Lt. World Formula Championship so long as Angie Cravotta in the #97A doesn’t over take him and Matthew Linde at the same time.

Orange Show Quarter Midget Association
All Stars and Fast Cars
The Saturday portion of racing this past weekend, the All-Star Handler Challenge brought out the best and fastest Handlers in Quarter Midget racing. When the Features finally rolled around Saturday evening, many Handlers brought their A-game to the A-Main. With the least amount of weight and most shallow tire, many handlers went for a left front tire change in order to complete the requirement of changing a tire mid-race in order to allow their drivers a chance to gain position during the Feature event. While some excelled at showing their promise as a NASCAR pit crew member, many others found themselves fumbling to not cross thread the small Quarter Midget tire nuts.

Following the All Star Handlers Challenge, a fresh addition of young drivers came for the Sunday portion of racing for the fourth club race in the points chase for the OSQMRA championship. Drivers such as Sr. Honda’s Rowdy Medina swept the event to come away with a 33 point lead over Maverick Medina. Jackson Buettner in the Lt. 160 division was able to take the win in his Feature race and secured first place in the points standings by only five points over Jasper Honey who came away second in the feature race.

Next on the docket for the POWRi Quarter Midget racing at OSQMRA is the world famous Ernie Bose double header weekend on Memorial Weekend. Drivers from all over will compete to break the Light World Formula Ernie Bose record of 4.581 set by Daniel Anderson to set a new fastest time for the Ernie Bose Track Record Book.

American Quarter Midget Association
Double Header Weekend
With Club Race #1 and #2 now in the books for the POWRi American Quarter Midget Association, a brief break is now on the docket for the Rancho Cordova facility. AQMA will be back in action on June 26th and 27th with Club Races #3 and #4 in the chase for a POWRi AQMA Points Championship.

Baylands Quarter Midget Association
On the Horizon
The San Jose based track of Baylands Quarter Midget Association has completed it’s first Club Race with great support from the local drivers and teams to help put on the first event of the season. Following their run at the first Monza Series event of the season, the drivers of the Metcalf Moto County Park will be back in action on May 22nd with the second Club Race in the pursuit of a POWRi BQMA Championship. A rain date is set for the next day should Mother Nature decide to intervene.

I-70 Quarter Midget Association
All in Good Time
With the rainout of their first day race, the Bond County Fairgrounds based track is working hard to make sure they are prepared for the rest of their racing season. With over 12 races on the docket, the action-packed little track is looking ahead to a full schedule with several night races scheduled to beat the summer heat. The next race on the schedule is May 15th with Day Race #2 with sign-ins scheduled for 11:00 AM to Noon with racing to follow.

Upcoming Events
May 15th – CQMA DSO #3
May 15th – I-70 Day Race #2
May 16th – CQMA DSO #4
May 22nd – Baylands Club #2
May 22nd – TVQMA Howard Memorial
May 22nd – I-70 Day Race #3
May 29th – Ernie Bose
May 30th – Ernie Bose

Follow along for more information such as race recaps, updates, full results, and press releases online at, or on Twitter & Instagram at @POWRi_Racing, or on Facebook at POWRi QMR. POWRi League rules, contingencies, forms, and payouts can be found under the info tab at the top of the POWRi website.

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