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Perth Motorplex | Grumpy Greg prepares burnout blitz for Motorvation 35

From hot rodders to classic car owners to burnout pros, Motorvation 35 is an event for many kinds of car enthusiasts. The goal for some drivers is simply to tear up as many tyres as possible, and Greg Cuthbertson fits firmly into that group.

Cuthbertson’s GRUMPYVS Holden ute has been a star on the burnout pad and Motorvation 35 represents a chance for him to cruise and enjoy the car around the roads of Perth Motorplex, alongside the professional burnout competition.

“I want the car to be out there for as much of the weekend as possible, I’ve actually picked up 20 tyres to use,” he said. “I hope people look at the car and say, ‘Wow, that thing was going for the whole event.’”

Perth Motorplex Burnout Boss

Cuthbertson originally had grand plans for his partner’s Monaro to become a burnout car before she put him on a better path.

“We were getting ready to skid it and then she said if I really wanted to do burnouts why don’t I just go and buy a car?” he explained. “I bought a Statesman which we called GRUMPYWH and I just got hooked from there.”

The Statesman was a heavy car to push around burnout pads and Cuthbertson said he tested its limits before moving to a better platform.

“I did a comp in Esperance and I think a crank sensor played up, so I wasn’t all that happy,” he said. “On the way home I saw a post about a Holden VS ute which had tubbed wheel wells and so I jumped on it.”

All of the motor gear was transferred out of the Statesman to the ute, which was christened as GRUMPYVS, and Cuthbertson had it ready to drive within a month. The result is a lighter and more agile car, an essential quality to score maximum points from professional burnout judges.

“It’s addictive, when you have the crowd screaming and waving it is a really cool feeling. It makes you feel a bit like a superstar to be honest, but we are just doing what we love out there.”

Cuthbertson is hopeful there might be a breakthrough coming soon in terms of results, but he will be making it happen his way.

“I think it is a bit of a game,” he said. “I definitely think of my strategy for the burnout all the way through, and I’m always watching other drivers and looking how to improve. I’m not one for a safe skid, that’s not how I drive.”

The passion for burnouts plays a big role in Cuthbertson’s life, so much so that he chose to use a performance at Burnout Boss in October to reveal the gender of his daughter.

“I had two sets of tyres there, one for blue smoke and one for pink,” he said. “My best friend was the only one who knew so he was the one who put the tyres on and then he covered them with a sheet. I jumped into the car for the competition and didn’t know what tyres were there until I started the burnout. When the pink came out that frightened me a bit!”

Motorvation 35 is Western Australia’s longest running car festival and takes place from January 15-17 for entrants and January 16-17 for spectators. For more information, visit

Words: Luke Nieuwhof

Pic: High Octane Photos


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